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Liver Roan Patched

Ruby .JPG

Ruby is a large female around 65 lbs, she is tall, long and lean. Ruby is very competitive with a relentless prey drive. If Ruby has any inkling that a gun or bird are going to be involved, she finds away to be right in the middle of it. That being said when challenged Ruby thrives, she is a dog that loves to have a job/ purpose. Ruby is a dog that would love to burn it and cover ground, she handles commands well and can be maintained at a closer range. She really thrives getting cut loose to hunt at greater distances. Talk about a water fanatic, she loves to retrieve and play at the river.  Ruby is a granddaughter of Coolie and No Mars Vigar, she is sired by Sir Rob. Ruby will retire summer of 2024.


Liver Roan Patched


Dutchess is a Marlie X Gunner daughter, pick of the litter female from Gunners first litter. Dutchess is easily one of our smallest females coming in at 40 lbs. Don’t let her size fool you she is always loaded and ready for action. She has a soft natural retrieve and close working personality. She is very methodical in her search with a stone-cold nose and staunch point. Similar to her Dam Marlie, Dutchess is highly intelligent and thrives on mind exercises. Dutchess knows when she is in the field and at home, turning it off and becoming the family Goofball we all seek.


Black & White Patched & Ticked

Abu absolutely adores people; this gal can’t just look at you or wait for you to say hi. Easily winning the hearts of everyone here at Teton Bird Dogs as Abu is a Big Hugger. Abu is the final pick of the litter Rob daughter that we kept. She is also grand sired by Teton. Like her father she has an immense passion for water, a head turning point, and flawless retrieve. When Abu was a puppy, she had to keep up with the big dogs. The first time she was introduced to water, she hit the water with such tenacity it took 4 or 5 strides before she sunk in, realizing what she had done. Her second attempt was met with the same enthusiasm and Abu took to water like a fish.  Abu took after her dams side, similar to her Grand sire Teton she has a compact modern build and weighs in around 44 lbs. 


Liver & White Patched & Ticked




Black Roan
Patched & Ticked

Lady Liberty

Black & White Patched & Heavily Ticked


Black & White Patched & Ticked

Pictures coming soon 

Talk about a dream dog! Lady was whelped here at Teton Bird Dogs in 2020 from our Bailey X Gunner litter. We called this litter our clash of the Titans with Gunner at a healthy 75lbs and Bailey a whopping 86lbs. Lady did not disappoint coming in at 82lbs as an adult. Lady is very atomically correct, starting with a large heavy bone structure, blocky head, and stunning muscle covering. Her personality is larger than life as she loves everyone she meets. Lady has a strong desire to please, leading to her being a very fun dog to train and work with. Being a very powerful dog, she is a show stopper in wide open country and water work where her shear power is put on display. Lady is extremely athletic coupled with a lazy teenager’s personality. When she is home unless its food related minimal energy exertion is the name of her game.  Looking back now I would have kept most of the litter had I known how Lady would turn out. We look forward to Lady’s contribution to our breeding program, strengthening key genetics we have been striving for.

Anna  is the perfect combination of happy mediums. She is a modern built dog with a compact and stocky frame weighing between 50-55 lbs. With a medium/ low energy level Anna is a very easy dog to get along with both on and off the field. She may be a sleeper on your couch, but as soon as she catches wind of a bird the switch flips on and she is ready to go.   Anna is a Grand-Daughter to

Sharp Shooters Man in Black 


Liver Roan Patched






Coolie is that once in a lifetime dog we all hope to have. She has been an outstanding dog since day one, loaded with natural ability and drive. She is seasoned in the field and has been able to handle anything that has been thrown her way.  If that isn’t enough, she has also made a phenomenal water dog and loves to retrieve.  She has demonstrated her versatility by proving herself in the field and also being an outstanding family dog. Coolie will be retiring from our breeding program in 2017. She will live her retirement continuing to hunt, and most importantly our daughters number one partner in crime! With Many of Coolies Daughters in our program her legacy will live on. Dam of Lacey, Sophie, Benelli, Angel. Grand Dam to Callie, Bailey, Legacy, Legend, &Ruby. Great Grand Dam to Lady Liberty, Yellowstone, Faith, Abu Ashton, Corona & Riggins 


Having worked with many different dogs, I can say with full confidence Marlie is the smartest dog I have ever seen. Her desire to learn is unmatched coupled with her ability to please, makes her any hunters dream. With only one month of formal and professional training Marlie was off to the Fields of South Dakota where she proved to hunt like a seasoned pro. Dam to Mercedes, Denali, Dutchess, Raja & Jackson. 

Bella on point .jpg
Bella Honor Coolie.jpg


Bella is easily in the top 5 of my favorite girls to hunt with. She packs a stone-cold nose, stylish point, and competitive retrieve. She has countless days in the field chasing Pheasants, Qual and Grouse. If Bella isn’t being put to work, she finds work hunting squirrels and robins in the yard. She weighs in at 64 LBS   Bella is sired by Master Hunter Top Gun Sir Henry. Henry is also the 2011 GSPCA Hunt Test Sire of the year. Dam of Rebel.


Pippa_July23rd2016 2_zpscixwxzdf.jpg

Pippa is a Dk Austrian import Registered with NAVDHA & the AKC. This girl is the Bruiser of our girls, true to DK form she is a large girl weighing right around 75 lbs. Pippa is close working with a very comfortable foot hunter pace. She is a competitive retriever with a nice soft mouth. When not hunting Pippa is the perfect couch potato and trust me you will have to defend your spot. Dam of Gunner, & Kona. Grand Dam to Lady Liberty, Mya, Corona, Ashton, Riggins, Jackson Sarabi 


Trixie Arkansa.jpg

Trixie is a large liver and white female that weighs around 65 LBS. Trixie is line bred on her grandmother Ruby who also happens to be Robs Dam. Ruby is a 5X NASTRA Shoot to Retrieve Champion and Hall of Fame Dog. Trixie also ties into International Champion, Versatile Champion Dankars Ready and Able Blitz Natural Ability Prize 1 Utility Prize 1. Trixie is a very stylish girl that loves to go to work. She has a beautiful point and natural soft retrieve. Dixie is the Dam of Driggs. 



Lacey is a Coolie X Ruger Daughter, she is also a litter mate to Benelli. Lacey is a complete tom boy, in both personality and appearance. She took after her father in Bulk size weighing in just under 70 LBS but shares her mother’s quite demeaner. Lacey has a great prey drive and close working style. Lacey has a type A personality and doesn’t quit until the job is done.  Dam of Legend & Legacy.


Karla .jpg

Karla has been a great addition to our pack. She is fairly lazy at heart, yet a very happy spirited girl. Karla is roughly 67 lbs. with a nice thick frame. She has been a natural in the field with a nice natural point, accompanied by her soft easy retrieve. Karla is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to water work. She loves the water and anything about it. At home simply put she is easy; anyone can handle her, and she is just happy to be there. Her laid back personality coupled with her sweet personality make her   WIFE and KID approved. Dam to, Sarabi & Mya. 



So much to say about Bailey, let’s just start with Bailey is !00% Beast. This girl is 86 lbs and can run at 30 + MPH, loves to swim and work all day. There is a major difference between claiming a 80lb dog and claiming a 80lb athlete. This girl is not just big, she will back up every pound with unmatched athleticism that will go the distance. Bailey is a Granddaughter of both Coolie and No Mars Vigar. Her sire Tank is a dual champion earning both his AKC Master Hunter &NAVHDA Versatile Championship. Bailey is a very methodical worker on the field, she is a breeze to handle at close and mid ranges. With a rock-hard point and soft mouth Baileys natural ability has been present since day one. Off the field Bailey is a true guard dog and family protector. Although she loves to meet new people, she has no problem standing her ground and taking her place as a family protector around the house. Every night Bailey can be found on the bottom bunk of the girls bunk bed keeping the monsters in the closets and the bad dreams away. 

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